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Unforgettable and unique cakes

Whatever the occasion and whatever the request, Boho Cakes will be able to provide the perfect cake for you. From children's birthdays to wedding cakes, Christenings to leaving gifts, we will design, bake, decorate and deliver the best-looking cakes.

Based in Kent, we have established a reptuation for unrivalled creativity and attention to detail. From initial consultations to discuss you requirements, to the final delivery of your finished cake, we'll do all we can to ensure that the cake you receive will surpass expectations.

We can even accommodate dietary requirements. In the past, Boho Cakes has developed quality recipes for superb wheat and gluten-free cakes, thereby ensuring that anyone can enjoy our handiwork. Best of all, the cake you will receive will be completely unique.

We pride ourselves of delivering exceptional produce that is tailored according to you, and will be happy to discuss any requirements you have. Contact us today for more details on receiving a fully-customised cake from Boho Cakes.

Wedding cakes

As one of the most important days of your life, it's essential that your wedding cake is something to remember. At Boho Cakes, we will handcraft a wedding cake to be truly special and truly unique, and all according to your own particular requirements.

We'll take the time to discuss your needs and do all we can to incorporate everything about your special day in a cake that is unforgettable. From complementing the colour scheme of your ceremony and reception, to incorporating delicate features according to your demands, we're passionate about creating a wedding cake that will wow you and your guests.

Wheat and gluten-free wedding cakes

Our wedding cakes can even cater for specific dietary requirements. For example, we have a reputation for producing cakes that are both wheat and gluten free, ensuring that anyone with a penchant for sweet produce can enjoy a wedding cake from Boho Cakes.

Whatever your wedding cake needs - from subtle single-tier cakes to multi-layered options - simply contact Boho Cakes today. We'll be happy to discuss your wedding cake requirements.

Birthday cakes

No matter what the age, a birthday isn't a birthday without cake. At Boho Cakes, we specialise in crafting beautifully detailed birthday cakes that will make your day truly special, regardless of the age of celebration.

As you will see from our gallery, we’ve produced a varied selection of cakes in a host of styles. From comic book heroes to wildlife, intricate floral designs to delicate bonsai-effect gardens, we put our heart and soul into creating birthday cakes that will exceed expectations.

Wheat and gluten-free birthday cakes

Our birthday cakes have also catered to a disparate array of dietary requirements. From wheat and gluten-free cakes to those with reduced sugar, we know how important it is to craft delicious recipes so that anyone and everyone can enjoy a spectacular birthday cake on their special day.

At Boho Cakes, we do our utmost to deliver birthday cakes that are unforgettable. Our attention to detail, desire to please, and dedication to surpass your expectations are the hallmarks of our business. Contact us today to see how we can make a birthday cake perfect for you and your loved ones.

"We were so impressed with the quality of the cake, both visually and in taste. The attention to detail was superb, and we'll be recommending to all our friends."

About us

Founded in 2014, Boho Cakes has quickly established a reputation in the Kent area for creating unique, detailed, and unforgettable cakes that make any special occasion that bit more special. Beginning as little more than a hobby - which soon turned into a small enterprise helping out family and friends - the official launch of Boho Cakes was triggered by an increased demand for the high-quality cakes produced.

From weddings to birthdays, the range of cakes in the Boho Cakes portfolio are intricately detailed and full of creativity and passion. Contact Boho Cakes today for a completely unique cake of your own.

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If you're looking for the perfect cake for any special occasion, simply contact us today. We'll be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a competitive quote on the cost of your cake.

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