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Deadpool birthday cake

Despite my penchant for Batman and Spider-Man, it would be churlish to claim myself an expert on comic book heroes. That said, quite how unaware I was of Deadpool was, frankly, astonishing.

Commissioned to create a birthday cake of the character, I found myself browsing through the comic books in a local newsagent looking for source material on which to base the project. Fortunately, I came across the latest Wolverine & Deadpool graphic novel and was able to get to work.

After a good few hours of reading, followed by a few more modelling, I had a basic framework on which to build, only to hit a stumbling block: I had no colouring and the deadline was fast approaching! A few strategic phonecalls to a somewhat perplexed 'personal shopper', and I had the materials to finish. The 'Merc with a Mouth' (I'm really picking up the terminology now) was finished ahead of schedule, and I had another comic book cake to add to the portfolio.

Now, when is the next edition of Wolverine and Deadpool available...

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